About Us

Jim and wife, Doreen Boylan started their steel business from their home in 1959. Mr. and Mrs. Boylan put their heart and soul into building a family oriented organization that served as a reliable source for steel products to the booming town of Bakersfield and the surrounding areas. In the beginning, Jim worked as a salesman while Doreen handled the day to day office operations, all while raising a family of five children. Mr. Boylan was a family man who wanted all of his relatives to be a part of creating and building the company that has done so much more for the community than just provide metal. Originally known as Jim’s Supply Co., Inc., today the steel business operates as Jim’s Steel Supply (JSS). Jim’s legacy is carried on by members of the next generation of the Boylan family, Greg and daughter Hillary, along with a staff of dedicated employees. JSS continues to focus on providing materials and excellent service to customers large and small. The Boylans are proud to carry on the company that was started 60 years ago by an incredible man with a dream, and Jim’s hardworking legacy will endure through JSS for many years to come.